About Us

BookkeepingHelpGroup   has provided premier professional accounting/ bookkeeping services to households and small businesses, such as consultants, event planners, lawyers, nonprofits, restaurants, retail, landscapers, employment agencies, counseling center and “start-ups”. All services include accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, providing information to the accountant in the preparation of income taxstatements, cash management, bank reconciliations, sales tax returns, insurance audits, maintain personnel files and insurance records, and create reports to assist in management decisions.
We recognise that every client is different, that workloads can vary and that reporting requirements can range from non-existent to extraordinary - and that’s what you want.Learn of how other companies organise themselves (or how we organise them!) and you’ll learn from other people’s mistakes before you get the chance to make the same ones yourself.This is more beneficial to you than a bookkeeper visiting just once a week - you will feel like you have access to a full-time accounts department for a part-time fee!